The Benefits of Boiler Heating Systems

Boilers are heating systems that typically heat water and then distribute it through radiators in a building for comfort space heating. Boilers can be powered by a variety of energy sources such as gas, oil, electricity, coal or wood. Most boilers can be replaced with high-efficiency tankless boilers that require much less space in your home or business. Combi-boilers, which are capable of heating domestic water for tap and space comfort heating, have gained popularity in recent years. These boilers turn off when not in use and often boast 98% efficiency. 

Air Quality

Since boilers are heated by hot water, they don’t force air through ducts so they don’t pick up any dust or allergens that can accumulate inside ducts when heating your home.

Even Heating

You can always expect equal heating with a boiler system because the same amount of heated water is pumped through all pipes, and each radiator emits the same amount of heat.


Since most boilers run on natural gas, they are often cheaper to run than almost any other type of heating system, and are more environmentally friendly as well.

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