Why You Need an Annual Maintenance Program

Many Benefits to Your System:

Prevents Untimely Repairs During Peak Season
Extends The Life of Your HVAC System
Priority Emergency Service
Improves Reliability
Helps Maintain Warranties

Routine maintenance is important for your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner for the same reason your vehicle requires annual maintenance and oil changes. You want your HVAC to perform at it’s best when you need it most.


Our Planned Maintenance Agreement is a convenient way to maintain your HVAC investment. We offer yearly pre-paid plans for annual service. Your purchase of the HVAC Planned Maintenance Agreement includes two onsite visits from one of our highly trained technicians to perform routine cleanings and tune-up. Our team will assess and address any weak components to your system.


Be proactive in the health of your HVAC system and contact Excelsior Air Heating & Cooling to have your system checked today!

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