Heating Repairs & Service in Richmond, Virginia.

At Excelsior Air, our experienced and trained technicians will help you enjoy comfortable temperatures in your home. Using sophisticated diagnostic equipment, they can locate exactly where the problem occurred with your heating system and efficiently repair the issue.

Heating Repairs

Excelsior Air boasts some of the fastest response times in the area and strive to have your heat fixed quickly.

Heating Maintenance

Regularly scheduled heating tune-ups will help to ensure that your system will be running smoothly all winter long.

New Heating Installation

If your furnace is old and not working properly, it may be time to install a new unit. We can help you find the right unit for your home & budget.

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Heating Repairs

When your heating system is malfunctioning, you need a heating repair specialist in your corner.

At Excelsior Air, we strive to offer the most reliable, fastest, and most affordable heating repair service in Virginia. We arrive with a fully stocked van so we will have all of the necessary tools and parts to get your repair completed on the spot so you can get back to enjoying your cozy warm house.

Fast & Reliable Repair Service
We Fix All Makes & Models
Skilled & Trained Personnel
24-Hour Emergency Services

Heating Maintenance

The most effective way to ensure your family enjoys uninterrupted heat throughout the cold months is by properly maintaining your heating system. According to industry experts, it is highly recommended that your heater is professionally inspected and serviced on a yearly basis. Typically, you should schedule yours in fall to ensure your unit will be most reliable throughout the heating season.

Our Maintenance Plans Help:

Promote Energy Efficiency

Our techs at Excelsior Air will implement advanced techniques to inspect your system for any potential problems or inefficiencies and resolve them on the spot.

Prevent Damage & Improve Reliability

Our tune-ups can help ensure your unit is ready and in working order for the entire winter. Our trained technicians clean and service the equipment, including identifying potential problems. Recommending repairs that help to eliminate the possibility of having a breakdown during the coldest winter.

New Heating Installation

Our heating contractors understand how much you and your family rely on your heating system during the colder months. At Excelsior Air, our heating installation contractors can provide for any and all of your unique needs.

We'll Help You Choose the Right System

Heat pumps are a common heating and cooling system in central Virginia, and account for nearly half of the systems we service. The term “heat pump” usually refers to a compressed refrigeration circuit that operates to absorb and reject heat. The refrigeration circuit can reverse on demand to provide heating or cooling.

The term furnace generally indicates a forced-air heating system. Furnaces can be stand-alone heating systems or combined with air conditioning components to heat and cool. Furnaces have higher supply temperatures than heat pumps, which makes them the preferred method of heating when gas is available. Excelsior Air services and installs all types of furnaces.

Ductless heating and cooling products are an exciting part of the current heating and cooling market. These products can yield excellent heating and cooling efficiencies when designed and applied properly. They are stand-alone units that hang on the wall or sit on the floor…Learn More

Geothermal is the most common name given to heat pumps that use water or underground energy transfer rather than air transfer. With more constant temperatures available for energy exchange, geothermal heat pumps do not typically require electric heat for backup, and thus yield much higher efficiencies with lower energy use… Learn More

Boilers are heating systems that typically heat water and then distribute it through radiators in a building for comfort space heating. Boilers can be powered by a variety of energy sources such as gas, oil, electricity, coal or wood. Most boilers can be replaced with high-efficiency tankless boilers that require much less space in your home or business…Learn More

Heating Installation Pros

Once you have made your decision on the right unit for you, our installation team will install the heating system in the most precise fashion that guarantees effective and efficient long term performance.

Financing Available

Don't let finances get in the way of a warm and cozy home. Ask about our special financing plans on new heating units today!